Giuseppe Mazzei

Giuseppe Mazzei

MazzeiHub, founded and chaired by Giuseppe Mazzei, operates in the fields of lobbying, public affairs, personal and  strategic communications, political intelligence.

Offers services to companies, as well as profit and non-profit associations, in various sectors through their connections: relationships with institutions and with politicians, relationships with all those who gravitate towards the activities of companies and associations (opinion leaders, journalists, interest groups), personal, strategic  and company communication, crisis management, and opening up to the market.
MazzeiHub was born of the idea that companies, as well as profit and non-profit associations, must be supported in achieving goals through a range of activities which could not be carried out alone, concerning the world of politics, institutions, various social interlocutors, and public opinion.

MazzeiHub makes use of the competences of professionals with great experience, who collaborate with Giuseppe Mazzei, founder and president of MazzeiHub.

Giuseppe Mazzei’s Curriculum Vitae

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