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Informing the deciders, always


The world of production and widespread interests on one hand and the politico-institutional complex on the other travel almost always along parallel routes which never meet.
This occurs because there is no adequate communication with institutions.

The lack of dialogue leads politicians to ignore what happens in the productive world and make incorrect or impractical decisions.
Companies and associations, in turn, plan their strategies and develop products and services without dialoguing with the institutions and without the frame of reference which is indispensable for carefully evaluating their choices.
Talk to institutions not just when you need them. Sometimes that can be too late.

The services that MazzeiHub offer for the communications with institutions are:
  • Creation of a mailing list of political and institutional subjects with whom the client has to communicate;
  • Editing of newsletter to be send to the political – institutional reference audience;
  • Planning and organization of meetings between the client and personalities from the political and institutional world;
  • Training on dialogue with politics and institutions through sessions that will offer the client operative information on the personalities to meet and on institutional procedure and key messages to convey.
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