Omniconsul – Lisboa

Established in 1976, under the name CNEP (International Communications Agency) it underwent through reorganization in 1996, progressing to its current designation. This change was the begining of a new cycle, mainly in innovating in different areas of its activity. It revolutioned the concept of Government Relations/ Lobbying and  was the first agency to use the New Technologies as a potential communication tool.

Omniconsul can provide specialized support in the acess to new markets due to its capability to gather and analyse information, and also in the development  of strategies suitable to each new reality.
With a broad network of international contacts, Omniconsul can help to establish future partnerships and good relations with the entities of each country.
In the past few years, we have developped contacts and provided our support to the internationalization in the regions of Magrebe and Middle East, Africa  and South and Central America.


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