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Introduce yourself, to be more credible.


If no man is an island, those who play important roles in companies and associations are all the less isolated.
Living in hiding doesn’t help, in a world in which relationships and communication count much more than in the past.

Relational accreditation is a key to opening the doors of dialogue and becoming a credible interlocutor.
How many discretionary decisions are influenced by directly knowing the person who represents an interest or a position?
How many more opportunities can be seized by dialoguing with an audience full of personalities relevant to one’s own activities?
If you don’t make yourself known, you’ll be less credible.

The services that MazzeiHub offer for relational accreditation are:
  • Mapping of the relevant personalities and audience that must be involved in direct contact with the client;
  • Creation of the client’s personal network through formal and informal meetings, written and web communications, organisation and participation to events and initiatives in order to enter in relationship with relevant personalities that belong to institutions, politics, mass media, finance and economics, and to realities that gravitate towards the interests of the company or association;
  • Conception of initiatives in order to strengthen personal credibility and reinforce, in the course of time, mutual trusts established between the network.
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