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Change your business by changing the rules


How many times does a business want to amplify its presence in the market and launch new production of goods and services, but feel constrained by rules and procedures which impede it?
How many innovative ideas end up being buried along with unrealised projects because laws, regulations and other public decisions won’t allow their entrepreneurial implementation?

Without strategic advice we remain prisoners of the status quo, never liberating our creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to imagine innovation and development.
Don’t give up in the face of existing rules. Dare to do more. The rules are not eternal and we can try to change them by orienting change towards allowing companies to develop.

The services that MazzeiHub offer for strategic advice are:
  • Business analysis in relation to current regulations;
  • Analysis of the business development strategies;
  • Checkup of the legislation barriers that prevent the company’s development strategies;
  • Quantification of the business opportunities that can derive from legislation changes;
  • Definition of the legislative interventions;
  • Lobbying and public affairs strategy in order to fulfill the desired changes


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