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Entering the market by the front door.


Selling a product or a service is a complex art. When this sale has the public power as one of its parties, the complexity becomes enormous.
Market access is of vital importance for many companies.

In all regulated economic sectors, the independent authorities have significant powers which can notably influence the possibility of entering this market, or launching new products and services which require authorisation and are subject to stringent regulations.
This is particularly relevant to the sector of health and pharmaceuticals, where the impact between the strategy of the company and the complex machine of the public deciders is more direct.
Entering the market by counting on your own muscle, without recognising the goalposts of the public power, can lead to unpleasant surprises.

The services that MazzeiHub offer for market access are:
  • Mapping of the public deciders from whom derive decisions that might influence the market access strategies of the client;
  • Report on the orientations of public deciders and public policies in relation to the reference market that interests the client;
  • Analysis of the obstacles and opportunities that public policies offer concerning the client’s interest, even in relation to new products and services launch schedule;
  • Definition and implementation of a strategy of dialogue and influence towards public deciders.
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