NewsCommunications through yourself

Stand up for. But more than that, know how to speak and persuade while remaining yourself


It’s not enough just to be right, you have to know how to explain.
It’s not enough to open your mouth to communicate.
More than just words are needed to get a message across.

Whoever manages a company or an association, or wants to represent his or her own interests, must communicate personally, not hide.
Speak in public, with journalists, with politicians and institutional personalities, and participate in radio-televisual transmissions.
Communication through yourself adds value to the interests which you want to protect.
But a good idea communicated badly can have devastating effects.

The services that MazzeiHub offer for the Communications through yourself are:
  • Personal rhetoric, identification of a personal and unique communication model;
  • Education and training on personal communication through the care of the voice, gestures and body language;
  • Media training in order to be able to liaise with journalists working for printed papers, radio, television and internet and to be able to participate in talk shows and entertainment programs;
  • Public speaking for being able to achieve an effective communication in public meetings, conventions, press conferences, presentations.
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