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Knowing in advance what’s cooking


Politics influences economy and finance. There is no political decision that does not have consequences on the world of business and interests.
A company, an association, cannot disregard what happens in the political world and its dynamics.

To this is added the great weight of the decisions of the guarantee and regulation authorities, which intervene directly in the lives of companies and interest-bearers.
Even the best company strategy can become a flop and be condemned to failure if it does not bear in mind the political climate and what the public deciders, at all levels, plan to do.
Without political intelligence, navigating the business world is a foggy endeavour.
While you think about improving your products and services, an avalanche has set off in the distance, from the institutional political world, which could overcome you.
But there are also many opportunities which you could seize, and which you will only realise when it’s too late.
All this is useful too for those who invest in financial activities.

The services that MazzeiHub offer for political intelligence are:
  • Political barometer through the analysis of the ongoing activities in political parties and institutional roles to identify in good time trend lines and possible evolutions of the scenarios;
  • Informative radar through constant and targeted data collection, in full compliance with laws, on politics’ and institutions’ orientation on single matters that interest the client;
  • Preventive diagnosis of the risks towards which are exposed the business and the interests of the companies, associations and investors in regard to political and institutional orientations, the evolutions of political equilibrium, the alternation in the institutional and administrative roles;
  • Evaluation and quantification of new opportunities that can rise for the client in relation to the ongoing changes of the political and institutional world;
  • Strategic consulting for the planning of client’s activities that might be sensitive to the orientations and changes of the political and institutional context or that might have significant consequences on public decisions.
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