News Lobby della trasparenza” – manuale di relazioni istituzionali


“Lobby della trasparenza” – manuale di relazioni istituzionali

The volume is the first theoretical-practical lobbying manual written in Italy. The text, now in its third edition, with preface by the president emeritus of the Constitutional Court, Antonio Baldassare, frames the topic of lobbying in a radically new light. Lobbyists are described as moments of articulation of the construction of the common interest and are connected to the pluralism of democratic life. But the author insists on the necessity that lobbying be regulated on the basis of the principles of transparency and correctness towards institutions. The manual with which the new levers of Italian lobbying are formed describes the main decision-making processes and the various forms of representation of interests to the institutions. A full appendix enriches the volume with the collection of various rules and proposals for regulation in Italy and other countries.

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